Sea Turtle Rescue (STR) is an all volunteer international effort that is solely dedicated saving sea turtles from extinction. Our mission is to save the sea turtle species from extinction, one sea turtle at a time.

STR accomplishes the goal through the following programs:

Sea Turtle Nest Relocation and Egg Hatchery Program.

Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Program.

Integrated Education Program.

Sustainable Eco Development Program.

Community Involvement Program.

Sea Turtle Rescue is an all volunteer organization and is funded entirely by sustainable eco enterprises and by the generous donations of sea turtle supporters. STR is a non religious and non political organization that is not affiliated with any firm, agency, or corporation who is not committed to preserving the sea turtle species.

Sea Turtle Rescue is a subdivision of the Global Preservation Project (GPP). GPP fosters grass roots Sea Turtle Rescue projects globally who need support, exposure, and guidance in an effort to save sea turtles from extinction.

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