Integrated Education Program

Integrated Education Program
The Sea Turtle Rescue designs, develops, and distributes educational materials to needy schools where the ecological education is needed. These educational materials are welcome addition to the teachers who have few to little resources available to teach with. The materials that the Global Preservation Project distributes are geared toward reading, writing, mathematics, and science. All of the materials are designed by an all volunteer staff of educational professionals.

The funding for this program is made through the generous donations of our supporters and by the revenue generated through our sustainable eco enterprises.

The mission of the Sea Turtle Rescue’s Integrated Educational Program is to promote responsible stewardship of the land and illustrate the cultural significance the habitat has on the people. Sea Turtles are an integrated part of the culture and it is fitting that the children should learn all they can about their sea turtles in a fun and positive manor.

GPP sponsors festivals for the children at the local schools in an effort to engage them to become involved with ecology. The mission of these festivals is to make a lasting and positive impression on the children and to teach them that their environment is an important part of their lives. This enthusiastic attitude towards preservation trickles down to the parents.

Older people can sometimes be set in their ways and often times people will get put off when someone tells them that they are doing is wrong. This is especially true when the practice of poaching sea turtles is such an accepted practice and only deemed illegal for a relatively short time. The environment we leave behind for our children must be healthy enough to support them and the time to teach them is now.

This innovative project doesn’t happen without your help or support. Please donate your time, your talents, or your money today! Your donation goes far in the effort to save these endangered sea turtles.  

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