Sustainable Eco Development Program

Sustainable Eco Development Program

The Global Preservation Project promotes and develops sustainable eco development in an effort to remove the economic motivations for the destruction of habitat or species.

The mission of this program is to find ways to remove the economic motivation for the destruction of habitat or the species by focusing on the economic motivations that drive the destruction.  GPP then must find innovative ways to reengineer or invent industries that are sustainable, responsible, and ethical to replace the detrimental activities.  Below are a few examples of our work.

Poaching of sea turtles is a major concern and Sea Turtle Rescue (a division of the Global Preservation Project) utilizes the same poachers that poach the eggs for the benefit of sea turtles and the community.  Sea Turtle Rescue trains these people to be tour guides, hatchery tenders, security for the eggs, and as teachers in their local community.  These poachers have an intimate knowledge of the local area, the species, and where to find the sea turtles.

This program has also enlisted local resorts to assist us in our preservation efforts.  These resorts have added an exciting and educational attraction to their resorts by building sea turtle hatcheries.  These hatcheries provide an opportunity for tourists to get up close and personal with these amazing sea creatures.

Sea Turtle Rescue has developed a number of tours available to suit every level of participation.  Everything from a luxury vacation that offers all of the amenities one would expect from a high end resort to backpacking on a budget, Sea Turtle Rescue has the right tour package for you.  Every tourist dollar spent goes directly to saving endangered sea turtles from extinction.  To learn more about Sea Turtle Rescue Tours click here.


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