UPDATE:  We have a new project this year 2014 in La Ventana, Baja Mexico.  If anyone wants to come down to help we could sure use you.  The dates will be from September until the least egg is hatched and that is around December 25th.  

Sea Turtle Rescue is an all volunteer organization. It is people like you who make this entire project possible. The sea turtles need your help and there are several different ways
and places you can volunteer.

Volunteer online!
Make a difference from the comfort of your own home!  Our organization has many preservation projects currently in operation that need your skills and talents. If you think you can offer your time, the turtles can use your help.

Volunteer at a Sea Turtle Rescue facility!

Rescuing baby sea turtles and working in the field is an exciting and memorable experience. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and from all different cultures. The relationships and memories will make will last a lifetime.

The need for volunteers changes with location, time of year, and how much time you can spend.  Visit our social media pages to learn more about current events and which locations that need help.  

All questions should be directed to volunteer@seaturtlerescue.org.

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