How you can help

Donate your money, your time, or your stuff.

It takes more than money to keep Sea Turtle Rescue operating.  If you have anything on the list below and you would like to donate it, please contact our office at 1 800 569 7333 or simply mail it to our office in San Diego or our field operations in Nicaragua.  Unfortunately, the duty we must pay on any item shipped to our field office must be paid.  It is best to ship the item directly to our administrative office in San Diego for distrabution.    From there, our volunteers place the items in a container.  Once the container is filled it is then shipped to the Sea Turtle Rescue Headquarters in Nicaragua or Africa. 

Items needed:

Sea Turtle Rescue is in desperate need for the following items:

Latex gloves (large)

Small digital scales

Equipment for sailboats

Rechargeable flashlights

Handheld VHF two way radios

Type II temperature probes (4 ft)

Type II Temperature readers


GoPro camera

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